The Uznews.net news service is an independent media organisation that covers news from and about Uzbekistan.

Journalists from Uznews.net seek out and report information from the country, believing in the inviolability of their right to freedom of speech and expression and the readers’ right to access information.

Uznews.net aims to:
  • Report precise, accurate and objective information about events involving Uzbekistan;
  • Offer a platform for different opinions on current affairs in Uzbekistan and the past, present and future of the country;
  • Adopt and boost democratic ideas and the right to work without fear of persecution and abuse;
  • Develop strong, professional journalism in Uzbekistan that is capable of disseminating high-quality, topical information and expressing the views and positions of all groups in society;
  • Preserve peace and stability in the country and maintain interethnic accord and friendly relations with Central Asian and other countries.

The Uznews.net editorial office