Uzbek legendary boxer gets pension rise

Rufat Riskiyev won a world boxing championship in 1974
Uzbekistan’s former boxing champion Rufat Riskiyev has been receiving a nearly three times bigger pension, $90, since last October than previously.

As of today, the famous boxer’s pension amounts to 238,800 sums (nearly $90 at the black market) against 82,800 sums in August last year.

The pension recalculation for Riskiyev, 63, became possible thanks to a group of civil activists who had spent almost half a year to collect all necessary documents.

But even the increased pension of Riskiyev is now half of the average pension paid to many ordinary citizens.

The staff of Tashkent’s Uchtepa district social security department, which takes care of Riskiyev, explain that, had they had a complete set of documents required for pension calculation, the former Uzbek boxing legend would have had a far more optimistic pension provision.

“The fact is that many reference papers required to confirm Riskiyev’s active employment before and after the collapse of the [Soviet] Union were lost or absent due to the negligence of former employees of the personnel and accounting departments,” social security workers said.

Activists, among them journalists and employees of the Uzbek Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Pension Fund and social security department, said that good archivists from the Russian Ministry of Sport had helped to get many missing documents required for recalculation by sending them using expensive registered letters.

Most of the documents required from sportsmen were lost during the perestroika or post-perestroika years when relations between former Soviet countries began breaking up ignominiously.

The former champion's pension is $90 a month
It was during those years, when the notion of “personal pension” was abandoned, that the former boxer’s pension book with records of privileged “life pension” awarded to him in 1992 was relegated to oblivion.

Just recently, Rufat Riskiyev went through regular examination in hospital at the suggestion of doctors in charge. According to doctors, the former sportsman needs serious health treatment.

After a number of courses of medical examinations and treatment, the former champion, who underwent four critical surgeries, will need to apply to professional medical expert commissions to get a Group II disability certificate, which will also entail some financial remuneration.

Legendary Uzbek boxer Rufat Riskiyev triumphantly won a title of world champion in Havana in 1974. During his boxing career, he had 189 fights, of which he won 174, according to an Wikipedia article.

A two-time champion of the sport contest among USSR republics, a four-time USSR champion, a world champion and an Olympic silver winner, Riskiyev, who is always optimistic despite anything, is surviving today thanks to public love and financial support of his friends and many trainees.