Human rights activist in Fergana faces trial for complaints

A member of the Ezgulik human rights society in Fergana Region’s Tashlak District, Ergash Bobojonov, 73, has been threatened to be punished judicially for writing complaints.

A case against Bobojonov on charges of libel and insult was opened by Tashlak District’s police department last month, Ezgulik has reported.

One of the accusations brought against the human rights activist was made because he had ignored the ban by the village of Ahshak on filing complaints.

Bobojonov sent many complaints all the same about violations and local corruption to government bodies, particularly to the president, the government and the Prosecutor-General’s Office in Tashkent.

Local authorities submitted information to the court that figures and facts the human rights activist mentioned in his complaints “have not been confirmed”.

Earlier this month, Bobojonov was summoned to the Tashlak District criminal court.

Because of this, the old man had a heart attack and was taken to hospital in his area.

“Things went as far as that they tried to bring him to the court from the hospital by force,” the chairman of Ezgulik’s Fergana Region branch, Atham Muhitdinov, said.

He said only thanks to neurologic department doctors’ adherence to their principles, the human rights activist, whose blood pressure suddenly increased, was not taken out of the hospital.

The trial of Bobojonov has not been held yet, but his colleagues are angered by the Tashlak District authorities’ behaviour.

“In his written statements, Bobojonov reported about complaints of citizens about violations of their rights and their wishes. This kind of appeals is among basic directions in improving local administration and ideas of the legal society promoted by the Uzbek president,” Ezgulik activists have said.

A lawyer of the human rights activist, Odiljon Yusupov, has said that Bobojonov may face a fine of 100 minimum monthly wages.

Things went as far as that they tried to bring him to the court from the hospital by force

Chairman of Ezgulik’s Fergana Region branch Atham Muhitdinov
Supporting the principles of justice and humanity of court, Ezgulik activists called on the authorities to stop the administrative case brought against the human rights activist and to cancel “indecent and unconstitutional” decisions of the Ahshak neighbourhood’s community assembly.

Bobojonov who has a PhD in economics has gained fame in Fergana as a principled human rights activist as long ago as the late last century, when he published several articles about corruption in the Kyrgyz newspaper Res Publica after which the head of the Tashlak District administration, Sotvoldi Mirzayev, was given the boot.

It was Mirzayev and officials from law-enforcement bodies and court bodies that started the prosecution of Bobojonov and he was arrested on charges of threatening to kill but was released 10 days later under amnesty.