1,200 kg of sulfuric acid spilled at Almalyksy chemical plant

An accident at the Almalyksy chemical plant led to the spill of about 1,200 kg of sulfuric acid.

According to employees of the Almalyksy chemical plant, the accident happened either on February 27 or 28.

The plant's management has concealed the accident from the public and its site is heavily guarded.

According to a plant employee, the accident is a result of an overturned tanker carrying 600 liters of acid (1,200 kg).

It was not possible to isolate the spill as most of it seeped into the soil, thus polluting ground waters as well.

Another employee told Uznews.net that there have been no injuries among the plant workers and environmental damage assessments have already been performed.

He believes that the results of the environmental impact study show little to be concerned about; neither are there any damages to local residents and farm animals.

However, rumors have spread among local residents about the sudden death of people and animals.