Angren deputy mayor facing 13 years in prison

The former deputy mayor of Angren, Said-Ibrahim Saynazarov, may face a prison term of 13 years as requested by a prosecutor at the trial in the Tashkent Region court.

Said-Ibrahim Saynazarov, the former deputy mayor of Angren in Tashkent Region, is awaiting a court ruling. At the latest hearings on 21 January, a prosecutor requested a 13-year-long prison term for him.

Along with him on the docks is the former lawyer of the Angren town administration, Zakir Fayziyev, for whom the prosecution requested a six-year-long prison term.

Saynazarov was charged under Clause 3 of Article 2010 of the Uzbek Criminal Code "taking a bribe". Fayziyev was charged under Clause 3 of Article 212 "intermediation in bribery".

This criminal case involved another suspect - a staff member of the Angren tax body. His charges were not publicised and he was pardoned before the trial started.

The detention and expose of the Angren deputy mayor was the result of an operation by the National Security Service (SNB).

The SNB learnt that Saynazarov was abusing his powers in distribution of flour at a reduced price among the needy. Under the watch of agents he received a bribe for selling flour at a reduced price to a commercial bakery when he was detained red-handed

He was detained last November. A source at the court said both suspects had admitted their guilt.

Due to cooperation with the investigation, Saynazarov was charged not as a result of taking bribe but evidence received.

No date has yet been set for the announcement of the ruling.