Jizak-based activist under round-the-clock watch

Uktam Pardayev, a Jizak-based human rights activist, has been under watch by a group of unidentified people in plain clothes since 7 February; he is worried about provocation from them.

“A provocation is likely being prepared against me,” Pardayev said with concern.

He said a group of unidentified men appeared outside his home on Sharaf Rashidov Street in the Zangzor neighbourhood on 7 February. They watch all visitors entering Pardayev’s home.

The activist does not know the reason for the watch by presumably police or National Security Service officers.

Pardayev’s concern is not ungrounded. On 30 September 2012 he was detained and jailed for 15 days without any reason.

It turned out that authorities in Jizak locked him in prison with one goal – to get rid of an independent observer during a cotton-harvesting campaign.

A provocation is likely being prepared against me

Uktam Pardayev
He himself does not know how he can hinder authorities now. Nor did he know before his September detention and conviction that he would soon be seized and thrown behind bars.