Father of the founder of Birdamlik accused of rape

Khasan Choriev was arrested on 17 June
71-year old Khasan Choriev has been located in Shayhali’s detention center after his arrest on 17 June.

Lawyer Ubaydulla Dzhumaev contacted Choriev’s relatives in the evening of 20 June and informed them that Khasan Choriev, who was detained on 17 June and is being kept in Shayhali, had signed a contract retaining Dzhumaev as his defendant. His fee is 200,000 sums (74 USD).

According to Choriev’s new lawyer, he is being accused of rape, which falls under Article 118 of the penal code.

Investigator Novchaev is leading the case against Choriev for allegedly forcing Matlyuba Abdurakhmanova to have sexual intercourse with him.

During the same phone conversation, Dzhumaev faulted Choriev’s relatives for not having yet visited Khasan Choriev at the detention center in Shayhali.

Choriev’s relatives are outraged by this accusation, as they had been searching for the elderly Choriev throughout Qashqadaryo province, and had actually visited the Shayhali detention center the previous day.

Human rights activist Shukhrat Rustamov, who participated in the search for Choriev’s whereabouts, states that they were told that Choriev was not at this particular detention center. Shayhali police even accepted and signed for the missing person’s report issued by Choriev’s relatives.

Human rights activists doubt that Khasan Choriev is capable of rape.

“As a matter of priority, we would like to examine the official examination report,” says Rustamov.

Choriev survived a stroke in November of 2011 and later had surgery to remove an enlarged prostate. Human rights activists hope to expose the authorities’ actions as a fabrication against Choriev. They say that local security forces had not even bothered to look at the 71 year old’s health record before fabricating the rape charge.

Choriev’s relatives are convinced that everything happening to him is in retaliation by the government to his son’s political activities. Bakhodyr Choriev, who currently lives in the USA, is the leader of the opposition movement Birdamlik.

“This is political blackmail,” they believe.

This is political blackmail

People concerned about Khasan Choriev’s arrest

Khasan Choriev was arrested at his home in Shahrisabz in the morning of 17 June, two days after an article was published in Fergana, in which his son was presented as political activist with presidential aspirations.

The article also stated that he is financing the political underground movement and is lobbying the US government to organize a “color” revolution in Uzbekistan.