Mental patients facing torture, mistreatment in Horezm Region – The Najot nongovernmental organisation from Horezm Region says that patients are mistreated and tortured by medical staff in mental hospitals in the region, sometimes just for fun.

Everyone knows that torture is applied in Uzbek prisons. It turned out that prisons were by far not the only places where Uzbeks faced torture and other types of abuse.

The head of the Najot NGO, Haiytboy Yakubov, said that the Horezm Region psychiatric hospital in the settlement of Navruz in Urgench District had turned a long time ago into a place where patients were not treated but mistreated.

He said that hospital staff tortured, beat up and mistreated patients, using their helplessness and isolation from the outside world and the fact that these patients have mental illnesses, so their complaints can always be written off as mental disorder.

“For example, a 38-year-old patient called Azamat from Yangibazar District hanged himself because of mistreatment and torture by hospital staff,” Yakubov said.

A patient said that only those who had influential relatives or money could receive proper treatment in the hospital.

“We do not receive medicines allocated for us. As a result, medicines saved are sold at the market. That is why one staff member was nicknamed Queen of Medicines,” the patient said. “Moreover, the hospital fakes examination results, of course, for big money.”

In addition to the mental hospital patients, tenants of the orphanage in the village of Gandimiyon in Khiva District are also experiencing abuse and mistreatment.

“Once all of them were sent to do repair works the Chodullo Eshon architectural ensemble in Khiva. When I asked who forced them to work, a staff member of the orphanage said that it was the head of Khiva District,” Yakubov said.

“Moreover, torture has become systematic in the orphanage which houses about 100 people. For example, children are beaten in their stomachs or with heads on the wall, often for nothing, for fun,” Yakubov said.

“Staff members called Omon, Inomjon and Sapo do this. A 45-year-old patient called Komiljon from Gurlen District was beaten up to death by Inomjon, nicknamed Executor, in Gandimiyon,” the human rights activist added.