Jamshid Karimov: a whole year in mental hospital

Photo: Ferghana.ru
Uznews.net – Jamshid Karimov, an independent journalist and President Islam Karimov’s nephew, was kidnapped in Jizak and placed in a mental hospital a year ago, on 12 September 2006.

After the 12 months of 40-year-old Jamshid Karimov’s involuntary treatment in the Samarkand mental hospital, his relatives still do not know how long Jamshid will continue to be in the mental hospital and the grounds for it.

The journalist’s mother Margarita Karimova said that all her family had realised a long ago that Jamshid’s case was not criminal, but he was being held in the mental hospital in line with orders from on high. No-one knows when those who issued these orders will change their minds.

Medical staff at the hospital who have become attached to Jamshid during the past year are trying to create good conditions for him: they cook separately for him and wash his clothes, but they cannot give him the main thing – freedom.

Margarita Karimova said that her son, who was described by the hospital’s chief doctor as a “clever boy”, had read up all the books from the hospital library and that some doctors even sought his advice.

Jamshid was placed in the mental hospital for six months in line with the Jizak town court’s ruling, but when this term expired, they continued to hold him in hospital, ignoring formalities and openly mistreating the journalist.

International journalistic organisations have repeatedly asked the Uzbek authorities to release Jamshid, but they failed. It is not clear how long Jamshid will remain in the hospital.

His mother is continuing to hope that her son will be examined soon and let go home.