Googoosha claims imaginary success

Gulnara Karimova making a video for the song Round Run;
The Uzbek president's oldest daughter Gulnara Karimova has spread false information in the Uzbek media that her song Round Run entered Billboard's top 5 dance songs in US clubs.

Her website reported that Round Run from Gulnara's first English-language album had ended top 5 in US music charts.

"NICE….Round Run….is #5 in the US Billboard Dance Chart Breakout section," the website said.

To back up its claim, the website posted either the scan of a Billboard page or its webpage's screenshot. The quality of this picture is very poor and it was impossible to find the original on the magazine's website.

Meanwhile, the website contains no information about the song or its performer. It briefly says: "This Song has never charted."

Googoosha released her English-language album for western audiences in June and she wants instantaneous attention and acknowledgement by the show business and audiences.

What Googoosha could count on is a photo in the Billboard magazine published as advertisement. This picture is being widely promoted by Googoosha as a picture of the magazine's cover page.
Billboard reports it does not have any reports about Googoosha’s song

In mid-July Gulnara Karimova made a music video for Round Run and it is expected to hit local television screen soon.

While this has not happened yet, absolutely all state-run and private television channels in Uzbekistan are airing several days a music video to Russian singer Maksim Fadeyev's Googoosha song devoted to Karimova.

This music video and a short clip on the filming of the music video for Round Run can be found on Karimova's website and YouTube.