Gulnara Karimova replies to property claims

Summer 2012, Gulnara Karimova during the filming of music video Round Run
The eldest daughter of the Uzbekistan president calls the list of overseas property allegedly belonging to her a mix of small truths and big lies.

Following a request from Gulnara Karimova has today written back and fervently denied owning most of the properties listed the day before in the Kazakhstan newspaper “Respublika”.

On December 25th the article called “Who lives in fairy-tale houses? Gulnara Karimova” was published on the “Respublika” website. It was composed of a list of at least 17 real-estate properties with accompanying photographs, for which Gulnara Karimova was stated as the owner.

The article stated that the information was obtained via email.

According to Karimova herself, rigorous analysis and investigation are necessary to make clear which houses and villas presented in the list belong to her, however even a quick look of the list allows her to state, that the list lacks precision and there are “rough inaccuracies” within it.

However she does not deny that there are certain hits, for example, her well-known house in Geneva.

She adds, that she also owns an apartment in France and a house in Uzbekistan. However according to Karimova, she has sold all her property in Russia.

As reported by the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, Karimova’s property in France includes an apartment in Paris, a villa in St. Tropez, and a castle in Ile-de-France.

The eldest daughter of the Uzbek president further states that she was the only civil servant who passed all the financial steps to get permission from the National Central Bank to open financial accounts abroad.

To confirm her words she urges concerned parties contact the Uzbek Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Finances Rustam Azimov.

As for the publication of the list of real-estate itself, she is convinced that this is yet another provocation organized by the Uzbekistan Secret Police (SNB).

“Somebody must realize that it is crude and violent SNB action”

Somebody must realize that it is crude and violent SNB action

Gulnara Karimova
During the last three months the eldest daughter of Uzbek president has found herself in acute confrontation with the SNB. She states that the fight for the presidential seat has already begun, and the current regime is trying all means to get rid of her, probably perceiving her as an obstacle to power.

She also states that president Karimov is not aware of the situation around her, and at the same time she accuses other relatives – her mother Tatiana and her sister Lola – of a fix-up with SNB.

Today she has also published via herTwitter account a two-page open letter to the human rights activist Mutabar Tadjibaeva, in this letter she describes the situation in which she finds herself as “extreme, almost critical”.