The Real Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan
The right to freedom of speech
The right to work as a journalist


Protecting the professional rights and interests of media workers in Uzbekistan

The Real Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan (RUJU) is an association of journalists, activists and artists from Uzbekistan.

The union was set up in 2007 at the initiative of the news service. Uzbek journalists working for local and foreign media organisations can join the union.

The main objectives of the RUJU are:

  • Protecting the rights and interests of journalists and other media workers;
  • Ensuring the survival and preservation of the profession of journalism in the current situation in which there is an absolute lack of freedom in Uzbekistan
  • Boosting an independent, professional press in the country;
  • Improving the professional skills of journalists and training them in the best standards of the profession;
  • Assisting the public in understanding the significance of freedom of speech and an independent media.