Apology: Uznews.net inaccurately reports Uzbek opposition statement

Uznews.net would like to apologise to readers and to Uzbekistan’s opposition Birlik movement for an article published on 16 June.

Our article entitled “Uzbek opposition group calls for autonomy in Kyrgyzstan” contained a statement the movement made last year but mistakenly reported this as a renewed call for autonomy.

Birlik had in fact made the statement back in June 2010 during the attacks against and killing of ethnic Uzbeks in southern Kyrgyzstan.

Uznews.net apologises for publishing inaccurate information based on a statement made a year ago. We should like to stress that the error was a journalistic one. The article in question was published without further confirmation of its accuracy from members of the Birlik party and Uznews.net had no intention whatsoever of undermining the movement.

Uznews.net writers and editors aspire to publish work that reflects the highest journalistic standards. We are entirely independent and will not use our news site to endorse any party political standpoint.

Once again, we offer sincere apologies to Birlik and to our readers and thank you for your understanding.

Galima Bukharbaeva

Editor-in-Chief of Uznews.net