Shoot Me: how Uzbekistan entered 2013?

The map of the Soh exclave; source:
Uzbekistan met 2013 with a conflict on the border with Kyrgyzstan in the Soh exclave and arrests of new "believers", Shoot Me experts believe.

The beginning of 2013 and its first "achievements" were discussed by experts of the Shoot Me open society: filmmaker Alisher Hamdamov, documentary filmmaker Oleg Karpov and author Rifat Gumerov.

"Somewhere in my memory I remember that a certain Mirov was the head of Soh District and Soh generally was a certain peaceful country for me," Hamdamov said. "There as far as I remember people were always valued according to the principle 'he is doing something and he is managing', and it was not important if he was a Gypsy or Ukrainian."

"So, the latest events in Soh where some hired man - and it is not their guilt - started erecting pillars," Hamdamov continued.

"All this sounds strange," Karpov added.

"Why?" Gumerov asked.

"Simply, because the boiling point is so high in our country," Hamdamov answered. "When you daily see thousands of young men fly anywhere they can. And we also have railway stations and buses. Several years ago there was a case in a neighbourhood outside Bukhara when one reputable person died and there was no-one to take his body to cemetery."

"I recently went to Fergana and could not go to Shahimardan because some 1.5 km of road crossed through Kyrgyzstan," Gumerov said. "And these 1.5 km was going to cost me so much that it is dreadful to talk about it. Why?"

"Well, comrade Stalin drew the map in a way that it was impossible to uncouple the region," Karpov said.

"Another point is that Karshi-based human rights activist Gulshan Karayeva was released but tens of believers were imprisoned, how should we understand it?" Hamdamov asked. "A question arises here: why could some books not be read?"

"For example, I do not represent a book that should not be read," Karpov said.

The details of the first events that took place in the new 2013 are in the latest issue of the joint video programme of the Shoot Me open society and

It can also be found on YouTube.