Uzbekistan: Only one in twenty applicants for medical school accepted

The college enrollment process in Uzbekistan. photo:
Admission offices in Uzbekistan have released figures on the enrollment process for the 2014/2015 school year. According to the State Test Center on average there are 9.36 persons applying for each college spot this year – and while tax and law careers are losing their previous popularity, medical and acting are enjoying increased demand.

Most popular colleges

The highest number of applications (27552) were submitted to Termez State University, located in the south of the country, on the border with Afghanistan. The university has 1690 places available, with 16.3 people applying for each position.

The following three institutions received more than 20,000 applications:

1) Djizak State Institute – 22,059 prospective students – 1640 places – 13.45 applicants per position.
2) Andijan State University – 20,803 prospective students – 1405 places – 14.81 applicants per position.
3) Karshin State University – 20,656 prospective students – 1245 places – 16.59 applicants per position.

Tax and law specialties lose popularity

One of the most prestigious colleges in Uzbekistan – The Tax Academy – seems to have lost its previous popularity. This year there were only 656 enrollment applications for 75 places (8.75 applications/position) .

Tashkent State Law University had 4882 applications for 450 places (10.85 applications/position).

No volunteers to dance

The Higher School of Choreography and National Dance accepted 138 applications for 65 available places; making their application rate the lowest in the whole country (2.12 applicants/position).

The Uzbek National Conservatory is in the same situation – 988 applications for 331 places (2.98 applicants/position).

Law and drama – extremely popular

Preliminary calculations show that medical, teaching and drama schools were in high demand this year.

The Fergana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy can only offer 135 places to prospective students, however it received 2804 applications (20.77 applicants/position).

The Theatre and Film faculty of the Tashkent Fine Arts Institution accepted 470 applications, but only 25 of them will become students (18.8 applicants/position). In total this college will accept 600 students, of which 81 will be subsidized by the government.

Overall there were 543 131 applications submitted in Uzbekistan, with colleges only able to offer 58,022 places to the new students.