Uzbekistan expresses support for Ukraine’s sovereignty

The Euromaidan movement managed to oust former president Viktor Yanukovich in Kiev on February 22.
Uzbekistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday announced its concern over the real threats to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Having kept silence on the subject so far, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally issued a statement regarding the situation in Ukraine.

“The events unfolding in Ukraine, which have led to serious complications of a difficult situation and to a standstill, and which could lead to mounting pressure with unpredictable consequences, and which furthermore pose a real threat to the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, must elicit deep concern in Uzbekistan,” read the Ministry’s statement.

“Uzbekistan sees the solution of the current situation in the refusal of the use of military force, relying instead on political mechanisms. The processes that could lead to a resolution of the problem by peaceful means should be strengthened through negotiations based on the fundamentals of international law and the United Nations Charter.”

The statement further reads, “Uzbekistan hopes for all sides involved in the conflict in Ukraine to exercise utmost restraint and prudence in order to quickly find an acceptable solution.”

Many members of the world community have expressed their disapproval of Russia’s military actions when it stationed 16,000 troops at its Crimea base. Crimea, an ethnically Russian territory in Ukraine, enjoys a special autonomous status.

The real threats to the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must elicit deep concern in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The United States threatened serious consequences, in particular the possibility of economic sanctions, should Russia persist on this path.